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Mission, authority and duty under current lawGutentor Advanced Text

Ministerial Regulations on Department of Agricultural Extension The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in 2014 has set the mission for the Department of Agricultural Extension to have a mission about promoting and developing farmers. farm family farmers organization and community enterprises to promote and develop production potential Value Added Privatization Quality development of agricultural products and products by studying, researching, developing, setting measures and guidelines for agricultural extension as well as the transfer of agricultural technology and providing agricultural services for farmers to have a career and stable income Have a good quality of life and be self-reliant sustainably.


1. Proceed with the law on promoting community enterprises. and other related laws

2. Promote and develop farmers Farmer’s family, farmer’s organization and community enterprises

3. Promote and develop the production and management of agricultural products.

4. Vocational training, technology transfer and providing agricultural services

5. Study, research and develop agricultural extension work.

6. To perform any other acts as required by law to be the authority of the Department. or as assigned by the Minister or the Cabinet

Division of government and manpower according to ministerial regulations (10th time B.E. 2557 – present)

A. Central Administration

(1) Management System Development Group
(2) Internal Audit Group
(3) Officer Division
(4) Treasury Division
(5) Royal Development Projects Promotion Division Land management and agricultural engineering
(6) Agricultural Extension Research and Development Division
(7) Planning Division
(8) Information and Communication Technology Center
(9) Office of the Secretary of the Department
(10) Bureau of Technology Transfer Development
(11) Plant Protection and Soil Management Promotion Division
(12) Farmers Development Division
(13) Bureau of Agricultural Product Promotion and Management
(14) Community Enterprise Promotion Division
(15) Plant Propagation Division
(16) Bangkok Regional Agricultural Office
(17) Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 1, Chainat Province
(18) Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 2, Ratchaburi Province
(19) Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 3, Rayong Province
(20) Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 4, Khon Kaen Province
(21) Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 5, Songkhla Province
(22) Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 6, Chiang Mai Province

b. Provincial administration

(1) Provincial Agricultural Office (76 provinces)
(2) District Agriculture Office (878 districts)

There are various operational centers. Under the Office of Agricultural Extension and Development 1-6, there are 50 centers, namely 36 agricultural occupational promotion and development centers and 14 agricultural technology promotion centers, including 2 economic insect agricultural technology promotion centers, 9 plant protection agricultural technology promotion centers. , Agricultural Technology Promotion Center in Agricultural Engineering 2 centers and Agricultural Youth Promotion Center 1 center

Power rate framework as of December 1, 2022

  • 8,894 civil servants (central 1,162 people, provincial 7,732 people)
  • 314 permanent employees
  • Government employees 2,747 positions
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